Technology Modernization


Infrastructure that enables seamless delivery of services and provides a common set of tools and processes that drive stakeholder satisfaction

Implementation Recommendations:

The Initiative Working Committee made the following recommendations to the NMSDC Board of Directors at its annual meeting on October 31, 2012:

  1. Technology Advisory Committee focuses on process, prioritization, long-term goals, budgets and project management challenges
    Current Status: The Technology Advisory Board was launched with representation from the network. The board meets the second Thursday of the month.
  2. MBISYS Replacement
    Current Status: Training on PRISM, the MBISYS replacement, is underway. A soft launch is planned for late February 2014.
  3. Enhance Affiliate Portal
    Current Status: Due to implementation of the PRISM platform that will replace MBISYS, NMSDC will standardize its Vendor (Supplier) Management and Certification Management tools on a single platform. As a result of this decision, the Affiliate Portal will be decommissioned in June 2014.
  4. Business Intelligence and Reporting
    Current Status: NMSDC continues to use Tableau to provide analytics on its certified MBES. Widespread usage of Tableau has not yet been adopted throughout the network. The Technology Advisory Board will make specific recommendations for broader adoption throughout the network.
  5. Shared Infrastructure
    Current Status: This is a long-term initiative. NMSDC engaged an MBE to conduct a complete information technology assessment to get a full picture of the technology environment across the affiliate network. The assessment is complete and the results are being analyzed. Once the full results have been analyzed, further decisions will be made by the end of 2014.
  6. Human Resource Management System
    Current Status: The first meeting with NMSDC’s HR consultants was held in August 2013. High-level requirements and a timeline for implementation of a Human Resource Management System were developed. Additional work was suspended to focus on creating a Learning Management System. The plan is to issue a Request for Proposals for the Human Resource Management System by the end of 2014.