Business Process Standardization


Efficient, documented processes in place and consistently implemented across the national network.

Implementation Recommendations:

The Initiative Working Committee made the following recommendations to the NMSDC Board of Directors at its annual meeting on October 31, 2012:

  1. Standardize certification process through the use of the Affiliate Portal
    Current Status:  NMSDC has contracted with NMSDC-certified MBE Early Morning Software to implement its PRISM product which includes a certification management module and a vendor management module. Training for affiliate council staff and NMSDC corporate members was held in February 2014.
  2. MBE Development: establish guidelines/processes/implement Learning infrastructure
    Current Status:  This recommendation will be addressed in June 2014.
  3. Communication: develop/implement a unified Communications Strategy
    Current Status: NMSDC hired Ashay Media Group, an NMSDC-certified MBE, in September 2013 to launch a branding campaign for the national office. The firm conducted a Brand Genesis workshop with NMSDC constituents to establish the organization’s overall brand identity. A new NMSDC logo was designed and will be unveiled in first quarter 2014. To establish a co-branded relationship with the 24 affiliate regional councils, the new NMSDC logo will be customized for each affiliate. During the interim, Ashay designed and distributed a bridge marketing tool kit to the 13 new affiliates to help establish the council’s new brand within its new service area and among its constituents.
  4. Continue refining business processes
    Current Status: Ongoing
  5. Connection:  establish connections guidelines/policies/process
    Current Status:  A Request for Proposals to replace or enhance the current Association Management System is under development. It will be issued in second quarter 2014.